Free Property Investment Workshops & Seminars

Our free Property Investment workshops and seminars are an educational experience like no other, where you will learn about building wealth through property investment. There are no obligations and there is no hype - just good clear facts delivered in a language you can understand. Whether you are a first time property investor, have a portfolio of multiple properties, or are simply thinking about taking the first step, you will be sure to learn something to add value to your wealth building journey when you attend one of our seminars. All attendee's to Custodian WealthBuilders' seminars and workshops will receive a complimentary copy of 7 Steps to Wealth (valued at $29.95) - the best-seller by John Fitzgerald.

What is Wealth Building?

In our Property Investment workshops and seminars we outline our program, a program built on the concept of capital growth, that is, a program to acquire a number of properties that will increase in value over time. As your investments appreciate in value, you are able to borrow more against them, to 'duplicate'. In the longer term you will have a series of assets, all of which are paying for themselves through rentals and legitimate tax savings. As values increase, you duplicate. Buying six properties over ten years and holding on to them as a retirement plan works! Our structure is not a 'get rich quick' scheme and we advocate that you aim to build wealth through your investment portfolio over a period of 10 - 20 years.

Why Should I Attend?

John Fitzgerald has successfully invested in over 5000 properties over the last 26 years. As CEO and founder of Custodian WealthBuilders, he is uniquely qualified to show you the tried, tested and proven method of building wealth through property. Either John himself, or an experienced team leader who has personally built wealth using the discussed concepts, will present:

  • All the things they don't tell you about property investment
  • How to select an investment property for sustained capital growth
  • How to optimise rental income and tax benefits - maximising your weekly cash flow
  • How to structure your finance to minimise risks and maximise your portfolio
  • How to use the power of compound growth to accelerate your wealth

Select your closest area and book now to get good clear facts on how investing in property can contribute to your own personal success!

In addition, each attendee will receive a complimentary copy of John Fitzgerald's best-seller, 7 Steps to Wealth (valued at $29.95).

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"Thanks to our Custodian property portfolio, I have great confidence in our ability to grow a lifestyle in retirement that will enable us to achieve the things we want to do"

- Heiner Karst